Chicken Nuggets are Not a Food Group

You know how some women get pregnant and swear that their baby saved them? They were forced to stop drinking, doing drugs, being around the wrong people. Well, when I got pregnant, I stopped snacking. This seems silly, right? When I gave birth to my fresh 5 lb baby I quickly realized I had a responsibility in this life: to keep this child healthy, happy and teach her about things in this life. As mommy-hood started to consume me I found myself a mother to an almost 2 year old little girl. Time had flown. She was watching my every move. What was I eating? She always knows, because she wants some, too.

Now, I don’t want this to sound like an attack on any mom, maybe more of a hopeful nudge that you’ll listen. Stop feeding your children crap. I quickly began to realize that my parenting style was different than most when I brought steamed green beans as a snack to a park play-date. Other moms were feeding their children Pringles, Doritos, chicken nuggets with a side Tupperware of ranch dressing to dip in. I’m not kidding.

It got me thinking about the habits that those children are developing at such a young age. I’m talkin’ at under two years of age, these children know chicken nuggets as a damn food group. Feeding my child wholesome real food that sprouted from the ground, got me some pretty interesting looks at the park that day. What is she doing bringing green beans here, is she some sort of hippy?

The twist: the parents of these children, complain about their weight. Would you really want to set your child up to feel the same way when they are old enough to understand that it doesn’t feel good to be overweight? I would hope not. My child doesn’t refuse her vegetables and demand fast food. Because I don’t give her that option. Balance in life is necessary. I am no perfect mom. Some days I’m too tired to do meal time with fresh food and time in the kitchen. But there really are no excuses.

Maybe this applies to multiple aspects of parenting, but be a good role model. Don’t give your children the encouragement to become obese. The same obese that you are, that kept you from shopping for new jeans this winter or made you feel uncomfortable in a social situation.

I know you don’t want to hear it and maybe it makes me a bitch for saying it, but being fat is not okay. It’s not beautiful.  Science has proven time and time again, that your health is compromised when obese. Slow suicide by food is a thing. Don’t you dare raise a child who has no choice but to eat what you feed them. Then cradle them in your arms when they get picked on in school for being fat. They have enough to worry about. Their diet shouldn’t be one of those things. Think about what you are doing. They are watching you.

Hello world!

….And so a blog is born. I don’t know what to do, this is a new concept. Much like other aspects in my new phase of life. I’m going to wing it and talk about things I am passionate about. Or maybe things I am not so passionate about too. I’ll consider this a diary for now, although a bit more scandalous, this is public people! Wait to read about my spin on life: mommy things, fitness endeavors, road to veganism, health, opinions, advice and more.